Sheikh Fayez Mandaee, a Mandaean residence from Susangerd, was arrested

Sheikh Fayez Mandaee, an Arab citizen from Susangerd, was arrested by Revolutionary Guard Intelligence agency personal at his workplace and transferred to an undisclosed location.

According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Human Prisoners, on Tuesday, April 17th ,۲۰۱۸, Sheikh Fayez Mandaee, an Arab citizen and Mandaee believer, was arrested by the Revolutionary Guard Intelligence agency in Susangerd and transferred to an unknown location.

The Khakhzadegan telegram channel, confirming the new, said: “Fayez, a religious minority of the Mandaean who is part of the Arab community in Ahwaz who considers themselves to be proponents of the Prophet Mohammad Yahya and the true survivors of the Elamite civilization. The local language of this minority group is Arabic, and the official language of this religion is Aramy Sharghi or Ilami.

The minority group has its global center is in Ahvaz, however the Iranian constitution does not have any reference to their existence. They are deprived of all civil and legal rights, such as working in government offices, education, and compensation in the event of murder. Many Mandaeans work in the goldsmith’s trade and most of them have migrated from Ahwaz and surrounding cities to Australia, Canada and the United States in recent years.

The largest incident of the Mandaean massacre in Shushtar, during the Qajar period and the Amir Kabir Authority, is now known as the Sabbi Koshy in local communities.

It was due to this incident that the Mandaeans left their historical city of Shushtar and migrated to Ahvaz and Shahr (Tayeb) in Iraq. “

Mandaeans live on the banks of the Tigris, Euphrates and Karun rivers. Their population is estimated to be at 70,000 in Iraq and 25,000 in Iran. Their religion main pillar is Sunday’s baptism practice in water.

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